Errata on the Instructor's edition slides

These are errors found in the slides for Digital Signal Processing Using MATLAB and Wavelets (first edition). Each of these errors should be correct in the second edition. Errors found in the book may also be mentioned here.

Chapter 2

Slide 18: "A/inv(B)" should be "A*inv(B)".

Slide 24: the equation for x2 should read "x2 = cos(2*pi*freq2*t);"

Slide 26: the equation for x2 should read "x2 = cos(2*pi*freq2*t);" (this is the same as slide 24).

Also, the last line should read "1:length(x2), x2, 'k');"

Slide 29: The use of "sprintf" generates the "ans" variable to hold the answer. Using "disp" instead would work, but would it still be clear where the code ends and the computer's response begins?

Slide 30: "fractonal" should be "fractional".

Chapter 3

Slide 22: X3 does not belong, and Y2 is missing from the second line. Also, putting two variables next to each other to indicate multiplication would be better than using a *.

Slide 25: The second column of text is not aligned, depending on the program used to view the slides.

Chapter 4

Slide 30: The equation should be x(t) = 4 cos(2 pi 100 t + 3 pi / 4) + 2 cos(2 pi 200 t) + 5 cos(2 pi 300 t + 3 pi / 5) .

Slide 31: The equation here should be the same as above.

Chapter 5

Slide 15: Term Ts is missing from the last 2 equations.

Slide 16: Term Ts should also appear in the 3 equations for x[n].

Chapter 6

"Fuge" should be "Fugue".

Chapter 7

Slide #9 should read "Multiplying (a+jb) by -j".

Slide #16 makes more sense to have "x(0)" for the final two equations, since we assume t=0.

Michael Weeks, copyright 2008, 2009