LaTeX examples

You should have the following files, listed on the previous webpage:

Commands* used to make the conference paper are:

  1. Make a .dvi file from the LaTeX file:
    latex example_2col_conf.tex
  2. Do it again, to get the references correct:
    latex example_2col_conf.tex
  3. Check it out before going forward:
    xdvi example_2col_conf.dvi &
    I like to run it in background mode, to edit it again if needed.
  4. Convert from .dvi to postscript, and make sure it's on letter-sized paper:
    dvips -t letter example_2col_conf.dvi
  5. Convert from .ps to .pdf:

* These commands are what you would type from a terminal prompt. There are plenty of front-ends available that provide a nice GUI. I like to use TeXShop on my Mac.