Project Abstract

In this class, you have a semester project. The sooner you start, the better your project will be. With this in mind, submit a project abstract. This is simply a few pieces of information:

Use the provided web-form to submit this information. If a web-form is not provided, then turn in a hard-copy. In that case, a single page is fine, with the due date, the class name and number. You can include a figure, drawing, or picture, if you want. Be sure to cite the source, if you do. Remember, do not turn in a hard-copy unless the web-form is not provided. If you are unsure, ask in class.

This will count toward a small part of your project grade. Grades on this assignment will likely be check, check-minus, X, or zero. If you are not sure how this will be graded, ask in class.

Here are answers to common questions.