Research Paper Summary

In this assignment, you will read and summarize a current research paper from an established journal, such as the IEEE Transactions on Computers*. Do not use a conference paper.

Your job is to explain an aspect of the paper in your own words. Evaluate the paper. You may use other sources as well, as long as you include a copy and cite the source. You must base the majority of your work on the paper assigned to you. Points will be deducted for relying too heavily on other sources. You may be asked to present this paper to the class (if time permits). Anticipate common questions, such as "how is this related to our class?", "what is your motivation?", "why did you include the other paper(s)?", and "what is the primary contribution of the paper?"

Your summary should be at least 2 pages, double spaced, 12-point times font, 1 inch margins, single column. Full justify the text. At the top of the first page, centered, include relevant class information: your name, the class number and title (e.g. CSc 8270, Digital Signal Processing), what this is (e.g. Homework 2, Paper summary), and when it is due. Include any figures on additional pages.

Be sure to have the reference included in a "reference" section. The paper must be cited in your summary. Do this by placing the reference number in square brackets, such as [1]. Your paper must not contain any text from the original paper, unless you quote it and cite it. If you paraphrase something from the paper, also cite it. Your review should not rely too heavily on the abstract, introduction, and conclusion. If your summary exceeds 4 pages, you may be asked to re-write it (with points deducted).

The following pages contain information needed for this report.

See how to quote a reference.

See references link for information about the style of references.
    You must turn in:
  1. A copy of the article (or the journal itself, if you borrowed it from me.)
  2. Your summary

See comments from previous classes for examples of comments that I wrote on previous summaries. If I have to write a comment, I also deduct points.

As of Summer 2003, I do not want you to use ANY acronyms in your paper summary, no matter how obvious they are. For example, if you want to mention HyperText Markup Language in your paper, spell out HyperText Markup Language, do not abbreviate it as HTML.

* Approved journals include: